Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Scared to Death

This past weekend, the bf and I made a last minute trip to the Dallas area, it was so much fun, way too much food, way too many drinks, not enough sleep, but overall lots of fun. Everytime we go on these trips, I know there will be too much eating/drinking and that my friends is not good for the diet, so I've always taken my running gear hoping to get in runs at least half of the time I'm there. The last time we were in Austin, we did get in a hike, but not really a run. This time in Plano, I actually got in a pretty good run, so I was quite happy. Anyway, we finally got back to SA after 6 and I still wanted to get to the gym, but for Memorial Day, the frickin gym closed at 6pm, but hey I guess they need a holiday as well, so the bf and I decided to try out the trails here in San Antonio, knowing they wouldn't be as great as the ones in Plano and for sure nothing like the ones in Austin! It may have something to do with the fact that Austin is ranked as one of the fittest cities and San Antonio is ranked as one of the fattest...hmmm???

So we get to the trail and it seems promising, but after a quarter of a mile, it just stops and I guess that's it, so that ended that. on the way back to the car a frickin SNAKE ran, slithered whatever in front of me!!!! OH.MY.GOD!!!!!! For those of you who dont' know, snakes are my biggest fear, I can't stand them, see them, touch them, not even on magazies, pictures, NOTHING!!! So I freaked out!!!!! I could not even scream, after just air coming out of my mouth, I finally managed to somehoe make out a scream and by then, I was on the other side of my bf trying to catch my breathe, it was so frickin scary!! I just about died, it took forever for me to finally catch my breath and let go of the bf!!

We finally did get in a run, but I know what trail I won't be going back to anytime soon!!! Sheesh!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Just when I thought I'd have a nice quiet weekend to myself........

After sufferering my hangover last weekend, I think my exact words on Sunday were, "I'm not drinking for at least a month!" Anyway that was short lived!! I completely forgot that I'm suppose to head to Austin this weekend with the bf, and who can go to Austin and NOT drink so looks like I'll have to jump ship and swim to catch up when I get back on Sunday! Oh well. I fully intend on limiting my alcohol intake only so I don't make an ass out of myself in front of his friends lol and I intend on taking my running gear and getting a nice long run in on Saturday at Town Lake! So let's all drink to that!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Weekend Recap

Well my quiet weekend plans turned into way too much drinking! It all started out innocently, the bf and I went the SA's Spring Tour of homes, hoping to get decorating ideas since we'll be closing at the end of June, by the time we got all our stamps, we had just enough time for me to hit the mall to use my "City Cash" that was to expire that day and make it in time to watch the Spurs lose again to the Mavericks, oh well $10 Miller Lite buckets helped to ease the pain! Afterwards we threw down a few shots at the house and made out way out to the club scene with a friend of his. They were both pretty tipsy by then so just like girls spent way too much time in the bathroom right when we got there, leaving me alone in a club I had never been in! I ended up scoring 3 free drinks (yes, I still have it in me!!!) and made their jaws dropped when they FINALLY returned from the bathroom! LOL I ended up getting most of our drinks that night, LOL but it made the night even more laughable. My bf just HAD to get tacos before heading home, so we hit up a taco stand on the way home and he came back to the car with enough trays to feed an army and suprisingly we ate it all (note: I only had 2 tacos, but still!!)

When I woke up Sunday I had a headache the size of a dump truck! I didn't get wasted Saturday night, so I blame it on mixing 4 different kinds of beers! So after getting the perfect hangover remedy (Freebirds) we went to check on the house, take measurements and did a little shopping before we both crashed and burned and needed a nap by 3pm! We just ended up staying home the rest of the day and ordered in dinner and watched Desperate Housewives and I ended up falling asleep during Grey's Anatomy, thank god they are doing reruns tonight and the season finale tonight!! Anyway I hope you all had a great weekend!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

No deadlines here!

I had planned my trip back to NM for a little over a month and a half so it was something that I was couting down for, since I hadn't been home since Christmas. So at work, I was marking off the days and counting the minutes before I left. I was even working extra hard at the gym, I know I have no idea why I was doing that either, so now that it's all said and done, I really don't have anything else to look forward to. I'm still marking off the days as they go by on my calender since it's become a habit, but I don't have any days circles over and over. I finally caught up on rest last night, I crashed and burned around 8pm and today it was all business here at work, I finished up all looming projects and I'm already planning on going to the gym tonight, but it's all without merit. It's hard getting things done when you really don't have a big date to look forward to. I guess it's the procrastinator in me, or maybe it's the ADD in me that constantly needs something to do/look forward to in order to get the rest of life done, who knows!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Secret Visitors

I got back to San Antonio on Sunday night, my plane was actually ontime, early even, but it was still a late flight, so I didn't get home until after 11pm, Monday I was so tired at work and by the time I left the gym I had a headache, so after forcing myself to unpack I took Excedrin PM and was ready to call it a night. And of course when your ready to go to bed your phone will ALWAYS ring, it was my sister who had dropped me off at the airport in NM, basically she just wanted to chit chat, after telling her I was tired and I'd call her back the next day I fell asleep, around 3am I woke up and had missed calls/voicemails, so I checked them, it turned out that she and another one of my sisters drove into San Antonio to surprise me!! It was such a great surprise, I came into work on yesterday and took off after lunch to spend the day with them.

One of the sisters lives back in Las Cruces, NM where I moved from and the other was home from Virginia, so it was so nice to have them out here, they are the first of my family to visit me here. I took them out to lunch at the infamous "Freebirds" and of course they loved it! We went to the Riverwalk, walked around, took the Boat tour, it was such a great time. We went to the Alamo and they both were shocked how small it was! The heat was terrible though, I've adjusted to it, but I felt so bad for them, they were both dying!! One of them is a huge Spurs fan so of course, she bought a jersey and we went out with the bf to watch the Spurs lose last night, then we hit the night life on the Riverwalk just so they could go out and have a good time. In the end the whole thing was a perfect success. I just got done having lunch with both of them, unfortunately they just left, but it was so much fun while it lasted!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I finally filed my New Mexico state taxes last night, just barley meeting the May 1st deadline! Since I lived there less than 12 months, but still more than 6 months I ended up owing taxes (bastards!) anyway it took 3 attempts before the fricking website took my payment! Sheesh! So afterwards, the bf said he would take me out to dinner, I wonder if it had to do with the guilt trip that I moved out here to San Antonio! hmmm??

Anyway we have a few "regular" places we eat at, all of which we are guaranteed to get a great meal and be satisfied, you know those places but lately we've decided that we need to expand our little cirle of comfort and try new places. So where does one go to find a decent place to get Nachos, why the internet of course, so after reading reviews of places to get "the Best" Nachos in San Antonio we ventured out, and let me just say after dinner, not only we're we still hungry after consuming the measley 6 chips we each got, but the food was just horrible! I now wonder what these people must think are great Nachos if this was the "Best" nachos in the city! *Sigh* Anyway needless to say our seach continues! Maybe next time we should get the pitcher of beer...

Monday, May 01, 2006

Fiesta Fiesta

I know, I know I haven't blogged in almost a month!!! I've just been out enjoying that San Antonio has to offer in it's "Spring" months!! The bf and I decided to buy season passes to the Six Flags here in San Antonio, so one Saturday was dedicated to checking out all the roller coasters and such and it was so much fun! And after our weekend of roller coasters "Fiesta" rolled into town. Still in my first year living here, this was my first year attending Fiesta and I must say it was HOT and a lot of fun!! I have enough beads to make it look like I flashed all of New Orleans, but of course I did not have to flash anyone to get my beads! There are so many events to Fiesta, such as the Oyster Bake, NIOSA (Night in Old San Antonio), basically they are just different events/venues to drink at! I saw tons of people carrying around their own pitchers of beer! LOL But it was all in good fun! LOL Anyway, so that's where I've been folks, there, work and oh yeah the gym!

In other news I am finally heading back to the Land of Enchantment (NM) this week!! I'm so excited I fly out Wednesday and fly back on Sunday. I have not been back home since Christmas so it's a much anticipated trip back home!!