Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Fine Dining

I forgot to mention all the eating we did while in Austin. That is something about Austin, there are so many "unique" places to eat there, you can never get them all in, in just one weekend.

Friday night we ate Pizza at Frank and Ange's on 6th street and it was of course great!! That of course was followed by drinking on said 6th street, even on 4th street. Saturday morning, none of us work up in time for breakfast so for lunch we headed downtown to eat at Thai Passion. I had some kind of spicy shrimp griller which was of course great and spicy and the place was nice, just a little too quiet. We had eaten a lot at lunch so none of us were really hungry for dinner, so we just had appetizers at Chili's for dinner. Sunday's brunch was just out of this world, we once again went downtown to Zejas, they have the most amazing mimosas to start out with, that followed by a shrimp/guacamole appetizer was just out of this world, I also had their bananna nut muffin which was like no muffin I've ever had before and then the "main" (yes, those were all before my main dish!) course, I ordered "Navajo Eggs" which was scrambled eggs, with spinach, on a "navajo bread". Being a Navajo and knowing how to make and what Navajo bread really is, the "Navajo" bread at this place wasn't really what is it, but it was still good!!! 6 glasses of mimosa later we were all pretty buzzed before 1pm even rolled around. Needless to say that was my last meal in the ATX before heading back to SA later that day.

But like I said earlier, Austin has so many unique places to eat!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Austin Round 2

I love Austin so much I decided to go back again this past weekend. Well kinda anyway. The bf's friends from Dallas decided to meet up in ATX this past weekend so we decided to join them as well. We drove up Friday night, went to dinner at Frank and Ange's (best pizza in Austin) and then decided to walk down 6th street to see what was going on for St Patty's day. We had all decided that Friday night we weren't going to drink, but Saturday night was suppose to be a different story. Needless to say we all got pretty drunk on Friday night. I thought I ordered a Shiner Bock but somehow that was misinterpreted for a shot of vodka (yuck!) so I had to take that and chase it with my shiner bock! All in all though it was a pretty good night, I lost a bet and was suppose to buy 2 lap dances for a friend we were with, but we never made it to the strip bar. LOL Instead we went back to friends house to drink a $50 bottle of whiskey, I was the first to put myself to bed and from what I understand the rest of them passed out!

Anyway on Saturday we were all pretty tired and semi-hungover from our "light" night that we didn't really do anything, but have a few margaritas. Sunday morning was brunch and mimosa time! That was the first time I left brunch buzzed, but it was fun. I finally made it back to sA last night around 7ish, just in time to beat the tornado watch issued! yay!

Needless to say my ass is hitting the gym tonight!

Monday, March 13, 2006

I "heart" Austin, TX

I went to Austin, TX this past weekend. I have a lot of history when is comes to this town. While in college, I used to intern at IBM during the summers and let me tell you, these summers turned out to be a few of the most memorable ones to date.

A few friends who I met my first summer at IBM who also happened to be from New Mexico and Native American to add, would always score an internship as well and so began the long long list of memories we had. We would even go so far as to being roommates with one another or if we weren't roommies we at least lived in the same apartment complex. Anyway just being back in Austin this past weekend brought back a lot of memories, while wasting time, the BF (whom I also met in Austin) and I decided to drive around, so we drove by my former apartment complex (a LOT) of memories came back there, just driving down the street I used to live off of, brought back a lot of memories, driving by the bar where we used to "tear it up!" LOL brought back the memories of way too much tequila, and a long list of long lost phone numbers! It's amazing how much certain things can trigger certain memories, I kept thinking that as we passes stores, ate different places, and just the weather itself returned a whole score of memories.

One things for sure, I wouldn't change one piece of it!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

25 isn't so bad

Every morning when I have to drag my ass out of bed, I always wish I had a sugar daddy so I didn't have to go into work. I know I worked hard on my degree to become an Engineer, but still it would be so nice to just be at home and have the days to myself! LOL Yeah I say that when I have to get up, but after some morning caffeine, I always wonder if that really would be the life? I mean I would technically have no money of my "own" I would probably be expected to keep the house clean, I would have no reason why I didn't make it to the gym or why I didn't prepare healthy meals, LOL I wonder??

I have such a short attention span as it is, I get bored very easily, so I wonder if that would come into play?? I wonder if it'd be "fun" for a few weeks and after I've rested up and lost the last 10lbs I would be ready to go back to work?? Anyway just a few thoughts that run through my head when I'm hitting my snooze button for 5 more minutes of sleep.

In other news, I turned 25 this past Sunday! When I was younger 25 was my "scary age" I had so many things I wanted to have done by the time I was 25. I wanted to be married, I wanted to start having kids at 23 (what was I thinking there? Oh yeah I hadn't been "out"!!) and a few other miscelleanous things. I mean at 25 I have graduated college, I have a loving boyfriend who talks about getting married, I'm building a house with mentioned bf, I have a good paying job, I have money to buy whatever I may need/want (Note: with no sugar daddy!) So all in all I think I'm pretty well off for 25, but wait I don't have any kids! At this point I'm not even sure I want any kids, how funny is that. I mean I love my nephew and niece to pieces, but it's always nice to give them back to their moms!