Monday, March 20, 2006

Austin Round 2

I love Austin so much I decided to go back again this past weekend. Well kinda anyway. The bf's friends from Dallas decided to meet up in ATX this past weekend so we decided to join them as well. We drove up Friday night, went to dinner at Frank and Ange's (best pizza in Austin) and then decided to walk down 6th street to see what was going on for St Patty's day. We had all decided that Friday night we weren't going to drink, but Saturday night was suppose to be a different story. Needless to say we all got pretty drunk on Friday night. I thought I ordered a Shiner Bock but somehow that was misinterpreted for a shot of vodka (yuck!) so I had to take that and chase it with my shiner bock! All in all though it was a pretty good night, I lost a bet and was suppose to buy 2 lap dances for a friend we were with, but we never made it to the strip bar. LOL Instead we went back to friends house to drink a $50 bottle of whiskey, I was the first to put myself to bed and from what I understand the rest of them passed out!

Anyway on Saturday we were all pretty tired and semi-hungover from our "light" night that we didn't really do anything, but have a few margaritas. Sunday morning was brunch and mimosa time! That was the first time I left brunch buzzed, but it was fun. I finally made it back to sA last night around 7ish, just in time to beat the tornado watch issued! yay!

Needless to say my ass is hitting the gym tonight!


Blogger Will Shady said...

Round 2? That is crazy. Must be nice to go down 6th street. I hate vodka too. But Shiner Bock is a different story. I remember it used to be one of the cheaper beers because because it's made in Texas. And what's this $50 bottle of whiskey? Man, I would be gone with one shot. Looks like you had a jam packed weekend though. i hope you had fun.

Thu Mar 23, 01:58:00 PM  

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