Thursday, February 16, 2006

New Shoes

I finally bought new running shoes this past weekend and have tried running in them three times now and let me just say they were so not worth the money I paid for them!! I am going to take them back today and hopefully I'll be able to return them. Since wearing those shoes, I have received 3 blisters as a thank you for buying them! They are painful to run in. I never had problems breaking in new running shoes before so I'm guessing that's it just the shoe and it's not fitting me properly so off to Finish Line during my lunch break to hopefully end this pain!

In other news, my Vday went okay, I got roses and a card from the boyfriend, my casanova didn't make any reservations anywhere so the waiting lists were at least 2.5 hours where we went so we ended up at Pizza Hut! LOL Now that's one for the books! But all in all it was nice, in the beginning I just wanted to order dinner in because I already knew the restaurants were going to be packed and at home we wouldn't have to deal with it all, but the BF insisted we go out, makes me wonder why he didn't have reservations, but oh well it is just a commercialized day.


Blogger Will Shady said...

Good luck on returning da shoes. I once bought shoes like that, I think they were Nike Shoxs. Anyways, Happy Belated Valentines and yeah, fight the system!

Thu Feb 16, 09:06:00 AM  

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