Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I've cheated!

Okay it's official, I've just cheated on my diet! I had Chick Fil'A for lunch, but hey I did get my chicken sandwich on a wheat bun, but that didn't help the fact I had fries when I could have easily gotten a salad! Oh well it was so worth it! Now I just have to kick some butt at the gym tonight. I went to the gym on Monday and ran a little over 5 miles, but didn't go last night, instead I opted to go watch "hood...." something, the cartoon that's a spin off of Little Red Riding Hood, it was an okay moive, it had it's moments, but I wont' be buying it when it comes out on DVD.

Like I've mentioned earlier, I've just moved into a house with 2 other girls, what you don't know is that I've just recently met these 2 chicas. I went looking for a roommate on and they are the only ones that seemed fairly normal. I had specific instructions from the boyfriend not to live with a male, so that cut half the choices down. But given my former living situation, I was desparate to get out, so I took the place. So far things seem to be going fairly well. The only problem I'm having is the whole cable modem thing. The router is in A's room and she didn't even realize she had an open connection, so now I can't even really get a connection on my laptop using my brand new wireless card. It is not my computer, because when I did have my own wireless it worked great, so that's not an option. Since I really dont' know this girl, I just can't barge into her room and turn on her computer and look at the settings. So every night it's very frustrating!! I can never get a frickin signal. I'm at the point where I don't even want to pay my share of it, because what's the point, I can't even get access. I need a connection so I may just get another connection there, but that would entail having to get the person whose name the cable bill is on, to go and pick me up a setup. *Sigh* So if I can't get that puppy working by this weekend, it looks like that's what I'll have to do anyway. I can't live without the internet!


Blogger Will Shady said...

Ha ha. That's funny. I also have broadband and can't live without the internet. You just need to turn on the wireless connection from the settings on the machine connected to the modem. You also need the key or whatever. She probably hasn't setup the wireless settings yet or turns off the power to the modem at night, which is why you can't get a signal. Just my thoughts on it. I'm pretty sure ya'll can be on it simultaneously. You just need to get on her computer.


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