Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wowzers where has the time gone!!!

Okay I'm still here, I can't believe I lost track of this blog so much has changed, things need to be updated and now I'm recommited to keeping this blog up :)

Thursday, January 18, 2007


So I know it's been forever and a day since I've posted on here, but I swear I have been insanely busy!! The biggest news is I have called it quits the with bf, things weren't the same and rather than drag out all my drama here, let's just say we grew apart and leave it at that. So now as some of you know we just got a house together, so I've decided to move out, but I really haven't gotten a start on that just yet. But there are reasons when we both finally agreed it would be better for one of us to move out (duh!) Texas was hit with what they're calling "winter blast" so I really can't be shown any new places until today or tomorrow at the earliest!! So I've been stuck at home, yes they even cancelled work for 2 days Yippee!! But being stuck at home with your ex boyfriend != fun. So what have I been doing you ask, well thankfully, the gym I go to did not close down so I've gone to the gym both days, got in a killer workout yesterday (I ran 6 miles in 49 minutes) and have just been laying around watching tv, trying not to worry about finding things to do!

It was hell I tell you, just plain out weird, so I'm going to make a huge attempt to find somewhere to live this weekend and hopefully be out by the end of the month and then yes I'm single again!! I have not been single since moving here to San Antonio, I'm almost relieved, it's like I can see the city for what's it worth and not have to worry about making my plans around someone elses!!

In running news, I'm still scheduled to run the 3M half marathon in Austin on the 28th although I was planning on staying with the ex's friends, so I may need to make lodging adjustments, more to come!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New running partner

Isn't it lovely!! So what I need for running and so little and cute! I love it!! Looks like my running will be even more enjoyable!

10 miles in 82 minutes

Well I finished the 10-miler! The bf even ran it with me. We started out together, but right after the one mile marker, I ended up breaking away from him which he mentioned wouldn't be a big deal because I wanted to improve my time and that was his first race. The entire run was FREEZING!! It never really warmed up, the sun never came out and the wind just made it so much more unbearable. Being in South Texas has really adjusted me to liking the warmer weather! I work a long sleeve dri-fit top underneath a short sleeve dri fit top along with shorts. I also wore a hooded sweathshirt, but ended up tying that around my waist before I even reached mile 2. But one thing that hurt was my hands. I knew I should have worn gloves, but oh well next time I suppose.

The trail was right next to the river, which I'm assuming made the wind chill even worse, but I know if I was suffering so were all the other runners! One thing that was of noticed was the trail contained several "bridges" and believe me running over these bridges was weird!! They were the whole rope and wood kind of bridges, so with several people running over them at the same time the bridge would sway and move and therefore make you feel like you were about to lose your balance! Throughout the run I felt as if my pace was getting slower and slower but since the run was a loop when I finally reached mile 9 I looked over and saw the clock and saw 1:15 I wanted to finish in 80 minutes so I picked up my pace and eventually finished in 1:22, 2 mile over, but just doing the math I did a 7 minute last mile which is pretty good if you ask me! Anyway I'm consoling myself saying if there wasn't the wind I'm sure I would have finished in 80 minutes, it was only 2 minutes over. The bf finished about 25 minutes after me, which I think is pretty impressive given he only trained for a week.

That was my last run of the year, I have 2 half marathons early next year up in Austin and really can't wait for them!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The running bug

The weather has sure been odd lately! Here in SA, we've been experiencing higher than usual averages, on Thanksgiving it was almost (if not) 80 degrees!! But fastward to today, this morning when I started getting ready for work (at the ungodly hour of 5am) it was still 72 degrees, but by the time I was getting ready to leave for work, the lovely morning news crew informed me it was already down into the 40's and that we had already hit our high for the day. Basically it's all downhill from now on, we going to be in the 30's by lunch time! I usually don't mind this kind of weather, I mean I did grow up near the Colorado border, but my ass has been in South Texas far too long, because I'm freezing out here!! I'm scheduled to head back home to NM for Christmas and I just know I'm going to freeze my ass off there, I just heard they got snow yesterday and the high there for most of the week is going to be not even freezing!! But I digress....

In my last post I had just finished my first half marathon and from then on, I've been bitten by the running bug. I have a 10 mile race this Sunday even though the temp will only be in the 30's I'm still going to do it. I'm really hoping to get my 9 minute miles to around 8 minutes miles so my next half marathon time will be around 1:45:??. So at the gym I've been hitting the speed hard and keeping it there for the duration of my runs even my long runs so here's hoping to Sunday. The bf also wants to run the race, but it's been like pulling teeth to get that boy to the gym. He's been cramming his "training" into this past week and he still plans to do it, so go him! But you know I'll be pissed if he did all his training in one week AND he beats me to the finish line! He says his goal is only to keep up with me, but also notes that if his competitve side hits him, he'll try to beat me. I'll definately let you guys know the outcome!

With the run bug and whatnot I've been addicted to new blogs lately, more of the running, triatholon type of blogs and it just amazes me at what some people do, but yes I am stalking a LOT of blogs, so dont' fear if you have a million hits from San Antonio, TX! :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I did it!!!

well I did it, on Sunday I completed my very first half marathon. The run started in downtown San Antonio right in front of the Alamo at 7am sharp. As luck would have it, San Antonio had great weather the week prior to the run, but of course race day we experienced a "cold front" so the temp was about 43 degrees, (hey, that's cold for San Antonio!) LOL I really didn't know what to wear so I just wore a long sleeve running shirt as well as a short sleeved top. I also had on a sweatshirt, but after getting to the start line and warming up I decided against wearing the shirt shirt as well. Once as the start line I noticed the mass amout of people, there were so many people in different shapes and sizes. Seeing some of these other runners is so
motivating, I want to look like that hopefully one of these days! LOL

Anyway the gun went off and away we went. I did fine running, before I knew it I was at the 5K mark, I looked at my watch and realized I was at 24 minutes, I little too fast, but I hadn't done any math prior to the race to really track where I should be at certain points, so I kept on running. About an hour into the race, I ran into the bf on the sidelines and he had a hammer gel pack ready so I took that and even though I really didn't feel the immediate effects, it may have aided in my running. Not long after that I reached the 9 mile turn around and knew I only had 4 miles to go. My lungs at this point were fine, i was breathing easily, it was just my legs that were starting to fade, so a little after mile 10 I slowed to a walk for about 30 seconds, when I started up again, I felt the tension in my legs and told myself I wasn't going to walk again but into mile 12 I walked for another 30 seconds but saw the alamo dome and knew I was almost done, so I started to pick up the pace in my run. When I turned the corner and saw the finish line a 1:5 something on the clock I turned it into a full out sprint and eventually finished in 1:58:13 under my 2 hour hopes!!!

So now that I've completed the half marathon, it's only strengthed my love for running and made me realize there's so much more I want to complete!! So here goes to more running!!

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Stretching before the start of the race....
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

She's Alive!!!

Long story to tell, will be back later!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Parenting 101

Well I guess you could say I'm picking up my "parenting" skills quite nicely. First off, I've had to completely rearrange my schedule. I used to get up come to work, go get lunch (if I didn't bring lunch from one, which only happened once in a blue moon) go to the gym ater work and then home to cook dinner. Now my schedule is more like get up an hour BEFORE I usually did, take the dog out, play with dog, get ready try to take Miles for a walk (he still getting used to the whole collar/leash thing) go to work, work, go back home for lunch to take the dog out, go back to work, work, go home again, take the dog out, play with dog for about an hour, head off to gym, workout, head home, cook dinner, and then devote evening to puppy. It's madness I tell you. The bf is helping he takes care of him when he gets home and I'm still at the gym, does any "night calls" and also devotes his evening to him. And so far it seems to be working out. I know this is all only temporary since he's still just a puppy being potty trained and getting used to his new digs. In the morning I don't even think twice about getting up when the alarm goes off or I hear him "howling" I just get up.

Then there are the other things. I'm always worried about Miles, is he okay, are the shots affecting him, is he sleeping or is something else wrong. My sisters always used to say that if I ever had kids I'd be the worried mother, one to intentionally wake up the baby to see if they were still okay and I must admit I'm guessing they were right. LOL I'm becoming that type of mother, yes I am but I could care less!