Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Gym is actually worth it!!

Last night was dinner and a movie night, well it was suppose to be anyway. Due to the fact that we're addicted to movie popcorn we always try to watch the movie before eating dinner as to not ruin our appetite by eating dinner, yeah we're weird that way! Anyway, after fighting 5pm traffic and arriving at our destination, the movie we wanted to watch ended up being at another theatre, not wanting to fight traffic just to get there in time, we just decided to skip the movie and go to dinner at FreeBirds (if you live in TX and have one in your city, Austin, College Station, Houston, San Antonio, I highly suggest this place!) and this is where the pics come in. I've been trying lately to up my efforts in slimming down and have therefore been killing dedicating myself at the gym, this includes averaging about 30 miles of running per week and lately throwing kickboxing classes into the mix. Up until recently, I have thought my efforts have been fruitless, but *sigh* I'm so glad for archives. I noticed a difference between a pic taken in Nov and the one taken over the weekend at the strawberry festival, I actually look a bit slimmer. (Note: that's actually the same guy in both pics LOL he saw the difference between himself then and now and actually listens to me when I tell him he looks better without facial hair!! LOL) Anyway back to my post, I'm taking a tangent there, actually I dont' remember the point of my story, but hey bottomline, I've lost some weight!! Yay!!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Strawberries, Strawberries, Strawberries

This past weekend, Poteet, TX was having their annual Strawberry Festival, having nothing better to do, the bf and I decided to go check it out. I so did not expect that place to be as packed as it was but let me just say that people must love them some strawberries that or the beer! LOL Anyway it was just like a fair with the theme being, you guessed it strawberries, straberry wine, strawberry cheesecake, chocalate dipped strawberries, strawberry jam, not to forget strawberry shortcake, this was just a few of the things they had there. I of course had to have the mandatory fair funnel cake and it was so worth it!!! I have to say though that it was quite a "process" to get a beer, first off you have to buy tickets to purchase anything at this place, why you can't just use cash is beyond me, must be a Poteet thing and even before you get to the beer booth you have to get a beer wristband which is of course no where near the beer place, but in the end $3 beer wasn't too bad especially with the heat!! By the end of the day though, it was well worth the small trip down to Poteet, beer or no beer, errrr I mean strawberries!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Race for the Cure

Well believe it or not, I spent my weekend in San Antonio!! Yup I stayed in town! LOL The bf and I decided to sign up for the annual Race for the Cure 5K that was taking place this past Saturday, we kept procrastinating the registration, but finally did it last Tuesday night. Saturday came and we were up at 6am (race started at 8am) but with an estimated 30,000 participants we knew parking at the alamo dome was going to be hectic, but we found parking from people who were "pimping out" their yard for $5 versus the "event" parking for $10. I must say this thing was HUGE!! There were tons of people and numerous booths with freebies, after making a few stops, grabbing some pre race fruit we were ready to run. The start of the run was not fun because of the massive of people, but the further we got, the better it got. The run pretty much went through downtown San Antonio, we even passed by the "Alamo" lol I knew we were in the vicinity, but the only "monument" i noticed was the mall adjacent to the Alamo, leave it to me!! Nearing the end of the race was an incline that just about killed me but around the corner was the finish line. We ended up finishing the race in about 26 minutes, so I was pleased.