Wednesday, December 06, 2006

10 miles in 82 minutes

Well I finished the 10-miler! The bf even ran it with me. We started out together, but right after the one mile marker, I ended up breaking away from him which he mentioned wouldn't be a big deal because I wanted to improve my time and that was his first race. The entire run was FREEZING!! It never really warmed up, the sun never came out and the wind just made it so much more unbearable. Being in South Texas has really adjusted me to liking the warmer weather! I work a long sleeve dri-fit top underneath a short sleeve dri fit top along with shorts. I also wore a hooded sweathshirt, but ended up tying that around my waist before I even reached mile 2. But one thing that hurt was my hands. I knew I should have worn gloves, but oh well next time I suppose.

The trail was right next to the river, which I'm assuming made the wind chill even worse, but I know if I was suffering so were all the other runners! One thing that was of noticed was the trail contained several "bridges" and believe me running over these bridges was weird!! They were the whole rope and wood kind of bridges, so with several people running over them at the same time the bridge would sway and move and therefore make you feel like you were about to lose your balance! Throughout the run I felt as if my pace was getting slower and slower but since the run was a loop when I finally reached mile 9 I looked over and saw the clock and saw 1:15 I wanted to finish in 80 minutes so I picked up my pace and eventually finished in 1:22, 2 mile over, but just doing the math I did a 7 minute last mile which is pretty good if you ask me! Anyway I'm consoling myself saying if there wasn't the wind I'm sure I would have finished in 80 minutes, it was only 2 minutes over. The bf finished about 25 minutes after me, which I think is pretty impressive given he only trained for a week.

That was my last run of the year, I have 2 half marathons early next year up in Austin and really can't wait for them!


Blogger Will Shady said...

Wow Steph,

U go with your bad self. I can't imagine running a marathon myself. That would probably be on my list of things to do before I turn 30. Haha. But a mile in 7 minutes is great.


Tue Dec 12, 08:12:00 PM  

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