Wednesday, August 16, 2006

makes you wonder

While in college I was pretty strict about who I would date and who I considered bf "material" don't ask why but I just did, every girl has to have her standards and if it that meant I would be single for awhile then so be it, I wasn't just going to settle. This may make me seem like I'm stuck up, but really I'm not. Anyway back to my story, not long after I graduated, I met a guy we'll refer to as P. P had a Bachelor's degree, but wasn't using his degree at all, I mean this guy worked in the fast food industry, lived at home with his parents, and didn't even have a bank account for crying out loud. I don't know what was up with my list at that time maybe I couldn't find it, but I ended up dating the guy for maybe a month or two I really don't remember the exact timeline.

My friends used to say I wanted to "fix" this guy and help him get a better job and then I would be done with the relationship. I guess they had a point because after reading this guys resume or what he called a resume, I was shocked he even passed a college english class! Anyway we both saw our relationship differently he was impressed with my career, my life etc and he immediately told his parents about me and wanted to me to meet them, the whole works! He also said he was in love with me fairly quickly, but I never said the same back to him. Okay I'm dragging this out, the whole point of the story is that we dated, he wanted a whole lifetime commitment thing and I didn't know what I wanted, I eventually told him it wouldn't work out and that I'd rather us just be friends.

We were friends for a while, when we saw one another we'd say hi, you know the usual awkward hi's. We'd also occasionaly text one another. The last time I talked to him or received a text from him was just a few weeks ago. He told me that he still had the same fast food job, still living at home, nothing has changed with him. Anyway today I went out for lunch and there was a huge line at the drive through, but I'm so bored at work I didn't mind waiting. While waiting in line I happened to look up and saw a couple getting out of their vehicle and I kid you not this looked exactly like P but later on in life, he even drove a truck like's P's but just a different color!! I almost had to do a double take just to make sure it wasn't really him! This guy I saw looked like a painter or something because his clothes were covered in paint and the ladder in the back of his truck. He was there with a girl, his significant other I'll assume and it just made me wonder what would have become of him, of us, if I had continued in that relationship. Would I be the woman jumping out of the old beat up pick up truck? Hmmmm???

Anyway I just had a memory flashback while waiting for lunch today.


Blogger Will Shady said...

Haha. From the start, I knew this wasn't going to last. I think I am the same way. Too picky cuz I prefer someone who has the same education and ambitions as I do. Just for kicks, does P stand for Patrick? I need to update my resume . . .

Thu Sep 14, 03:08:00 PM  

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