Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Minor Details

Well as of Sunday our close date is still going to be the 28th of this month. I still hoping that all will be done in time!! Since we decided to buy new furniture for the place, I have been in the process of selling my sectional sofa, and let me tell you some people are cheap!! Yeah I know it's used and all, but come on $50 for a sectional sofa with a pull out sleeper??? Sheesh!! Anyway I think I finally found someone to buy it and when I told her the price she said that it was still "a steal" and no I didn't sell it for 50 bucks! LOL

I went by the house last night and it looks like they were tiling the shower and what not, so hopefully by today most of that will be done. I'm trying not to stress myself out here, but I have to, HAVE TO be out of where I'm staying by the end of this month, hence the urgency. I was telling the bf that I shouldn't stress myself out and go by the house everyday after work like I'm doing now, but it's on my way home so it's hard not to. LOL When we went by this past weekend, the bf said they had got A LOT done and I asked him how he saw that, but his visits are more 'weekly' versus 'daily' so I guess it could be a huge difference. The final walk through is suppose to be done a week before closing so they can fix anything cosemtic we find wrong, so that should make the final walk through this Friday, I hope it's no later than Monday because I guarantee the minute we close I'll be moving in LOL I'm so sick of my roommates right now, it's not even funny!!

Just last night a roomie gave me another bill for cable and the home phone (which I never use BTW), but I mentioned that I've already paid these bills the month before their due, so I'm all caught up. She said she'd look at the bill again, but I already checked my account and lovely Wells Fargo keeps images of checks you've written so I was able to download all the checks I've given her and their amounts so I have a whole excel spreadsheet made up with the bills I've paid and their respective months. So she better be giving me my entire deposit back! Anyway other than that not a whole lot to report, I'm just counting down the days to roommate free living!!


Blogger Lindsey said...

I know this must be so exciting and so nervewracking all in the same time!

Tue Jul 18, 06:08:00 PM  
Blogger Will Shady said...

I hear you. I'm gonna be roommate free in four weeks too. I can't wait to move into my single room apartment. All I need is furniture and a bed then I'll be set.

Mon Jul 24, 10:29:00 AM  
Blogger Nikki Jo said...

Having roommates is always tough! Congrats on the closing, hopefully everything goes smoothly and you can get moved right in!

Wed Aug 09, 09:49:00 AM  

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