Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I finally filed my New Mexico state taxes last night, just barley meeting the May 1st deadline! Since I lived there less than 12 months, but still more than 6 months I ended up owing taxes (bastards!) anyway it took 3 attempts before the fricking website took my payment! Sheesh! So afterwards, the bf said he would take me out to dinner, I wonder if it had to do with the guilt trip that I moved out here to San Antonio! hmmm??

Anyway we have a few "regular" places we eat at, all of which we are guaranteed to get a great meal and be satisfied, you know those places but lately we've decided that we need to expand our little cirle of comfort and try new places. So where does one go to find a decent place to get Nachos, why the internet of course, so after reading reviews of places to get "the Best" Nachos in San Antonio we ventured out, and let me just say after dinner, not only we're we still hungry after consuming the measley 6 chips we each got, but the food was just horrible! I now wonder what these people must think are great Nachos if this was the "Best" nachos in the city! *Sigh* Anyway needless to say our seach continues! Maybe next time we should get the pitcher of beer...


Blogger Will Shady said...

Mmmmm. Nachos . . . Were the nachos there even smaller than the small size at Taco Bell? Anyways, that sucks how cyberspace screwed you. But that takes me back to the Austin days, when we used to find places on the internet to eat for lunch. I must admit that there were some good places. Those were the good days. Dang, I didn't know you had to file in New Mexico too. Anyways, have a great trip back to the Sunshine State.


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