Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Well I had every intention of going to the gym......

I used to go to the gym after I ate dinner so I could go with the bf even though there is a Bally's really close to where I work, but recently the bf has had no desire to go workout and therefore I haven't been going. It did happen at a good time though I was sick and therefore wouldn't have gone anyway. This past Friday I went for the first time to a new Bally's location (the one by my work) right after getting off of work and so far am loving it. It takes away the need to find an excuse to go once I get home. I went to the gym on Monday with no problems, last night I once again made my way to the gym hoping to get a really, really good workout in, but as I was changing from my "work clothes" I noticed I had forgot socks! I had an instant image of what I would look like running with hose on and decided it would be better to try to run without them (noted I did want to get a really really good workout in remember) so I proceded to the treadmills and could only stand the "running with no socks" thing for a mile. I tried the elliptical but still couldn't stand it so I just called it quits and procedded home to cook dinner. *Sigh* There goes my attempt to have a butt-kicking sweat session. I guess I'll have to try again today since I made sure that I brought socks, but once I get to the dressing room, I'm sure I'll notice that I forgot another important item...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Countdown to Partay Time

I went to school at NMSU for several reasons, but one of the reasons was my favorite sister lived in Las Cruces. We always had a great time together, it never really seemed like we are sisters even though she is my older sister by 7 years. I consider her my best friend. We were roommates for 3 years and then we decided to live apart, even though she only moved within a 2 minute walk if that!! So when I moved here to San Antonio, it was hard to leave her, she was always my partner in crime and just about anything else. But I'm glad to say that I am going back to Cruces for her b-day. I've decided to throw her a Pimps and Hoes birthday party? Any of you guys ever hear of one? I've been to one before (noted: without her) and basically the guys come dressed as pimps and women as the latter, so I told her of this and we are both excited!! As I've noted earlier my life out here has become not your typical 24 year old girl. Anyway I'm in the process of planning that. I've already bought my plane ticket now I need to find some "pimp cups" to go with the "pimp juice" :)

Still Around....

Hey All,

Well so much has happened since my last post. I am no longer a resident of New Mexico, I have officially relocated to San Antonio, TX. After much job searching I finally found a job out here and moved the weekend of Labor Day. It was not fun packing up my townhome!!! I have no idea where I accumulated all of the stuff that I had in the place! I'm just glad that it's over with!!

Right now I am living with my boyfriend and his parents while we do our house hunting. It has it's ups and downs. She's an old fashioned kind of person and is definately set in her ways, that's all I say about that.

I've finally settled into my new job and am working on my first big assignment. Thing with the BF are going well, we have our ups and downs. I'll just say that before moving out here I was the go out every single night of the week kind of gal. The last time I went out to a bar I can't even remember since being here in San Antonio, I've drank only twice!!! I have to admit it's taking a while to get used to, but in the end I think it's had positive effects on me. At least I think so!! LOL

There is one thing I will say about San Antonio, you can't find any health food without having to be in the upper-class community....You can go to a grocery store on the "south" side of town and find nothing and go to the same grocery store on the "upper" side of town and find a whole section devoted to it! Go figure!!