Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday! I leave for NM is less than 2 days. My flight out of San Antonio is at 6:30am on Thursday. Normally I would depise having to wake up that early, but for this I'm making an exception! I can't wait, I'm so excited!

I must admit, as hard as I"m trying it's so hard to eat healthy this time of year, literally people are throwing food at you every corner you turn! Take for instance today at work, we are having a "munch fest" we all brought in something to eat, right now, it's just sitting in the conference room, I have yet to succumb to that, it's only 9:30am for crying out loud!! Yesterday I went with my boyfriend to his company's open house. Under normal circumstances I would have ate healthy and made it to the gym, but yesterday everyone in the department had a food table and since I went during my lunch break, that meant that was my lunch and none of the tables had anything healthy, so once again I cheated on my diet! LOL and right after that we both took the afternoon off to finish up some Christmas shopping (note: I actually didn't get any shopping done, since the only thing that i bought ended up being something for myself) so that ended up being my gym time and by the time we got back home, we had eaten at Fuddruckers!! So today I'm determined to do better! I fully intend on running tonight! I just have to! Anyway I hope you are all doing better!


Blogger Will Shady said...

Must be nice. I'm here in Albuquerque starving and trying to stretch my last $20. LOL. I gotta make more good decisions. All I need is a tank full of gas. Well I hope you have a great Christmas and get back on your routine. I on the other hand need to start a routine after work, but first I need money to join a gym. ;) Ha ha, is that an excuse or reality? We shall see.

Tue Dec 20, 10:50:00 AM  

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