Saturday, November 26, 2005

Turkey hangover....

Well it's the Saturday after Thanksgiving and I must say it was quite the success. First off, Rudy and I were celebrating our first Thanksgiving together, if that's not enough, we were also cooking our first Turkey and being in lovely San Antonio, where the weather reached over 80 degrees on T-day we decided we would grill the turkey. So after calling my Dad for his grilled turkey recipe we procedded to cook the bird and to both of our surprise it came out great!!

In addition to the turkey, we also made a low-carb version of cheesecake using a recipe we found on the internet, using Splenda and a crust that is made with almonds, pecans, and walnuts. It came out great!!! It tasted just like something we got from The Cheesecake Factory, okay I may be overexagerating, but it was really good!! After we stuffed ourselves and cleaned up afterwards we went to watch "Jarhead" which was a pretty good movie, had some "moments" but overall was an OK movie. On Friday, we avoided the shopping frenzy and made our way to the gym, which was much needed!!! We were also able to fit in a movie, "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" which Rudy suggested, I thought it was funny. AFter the movie we went out had a few drinks and came home with more booze and watched, more episodes of "Lost Season 1" I ended up passing out after 3 episodes!! So all in all it was a pretty decent weekend! I once again messed up my diet today by eating at the Olive Garden, but hey I did sub wheat linguine for regular pasta AND I did run this evening again, so I'm not feeling too bad about it, and hey tomorrow is a new week to start!


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