Monday, November 07, 2005

It's Monday already?

Hey all, sorry I've been really busy and too tired to post lately. Well my weekend went well and absolutely did nothing for my diet! On Friday night I went out to dinner at PF Changs. Saturday I went up to Austin the site of my former glory! I must say that I consumed way too much alcohol and am still paying for it! It started out that I was going to have a low-key night and not consume that much liquor but that all went out the window. Before dinner I had a few margaritas that were homemade, at dinner I had not one but two Michelob Ultras after dinner we proceeded to "6th Street" for some downtown fun....

At Cheers shot bar I had a flaming DP, then a vodka/redbull, jager shot (it was suppose to be a jager bomb, but somebody ordered wrong) and all I'll say is YUCK! next was crown and sprite, then it was "3 wise men" and then a "mind eraser" somewhere in there was a long island and a few other drinks that I don't remember! See what happens when you go out with 5 guys!

On Sunday I definately was paying the price for mixing all that crap! I won't be drinking for at least a couple of weeks now! That was just a little too much! I'm just glad it's Monday and it's all over with and no one had a camera!


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