Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Finally not hungover

If y'all read yesterday's blog you know I had WAY too much to drink on Saturday night and was in "recovery" mode all day on Sunday. You would've thought that I would have felt better yesterday, but combine that with the fact that it was Monday and there was no end in sight!

I dragged myself to work and even though I was technically "AT" work I wasn't at work. I could not function at all, I couldn't think, nothing! Nothing made sense to me at all. I even opted out of the gym even though I knew I needed to go due to all that was consumed over the weekend, but I didn't care at all! Oh well, today I've already got more work done than I did all day yesterday! woo-hoo!

I don't know what's happened to me, I used to be able to go out have a great time and never wake up with a hangover, but then I never mixed so many different liquors in one night. Most of the time, I strictly drank "Jack and Diet" but the guys I was out with, would roll their eyes when I requested that, so I was stuck drinking what they drank, so I'm blaming them for my hangover. On another note, but kinda the same not, I was also the queen of cute shoes (ie hooker shoes) but even though I wear high heels to work everyday or boots I can't wear my hooker shoes anymore without my feet killing me.......this doesn't make sense to me since my "work shoes" are high heeled as well....oh well....


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