Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Back to reality

My weekend was a little off course, but it did the trick!

I flew into El Paso on Friday afternoon, went and visited my sister who was still in the hospital for the entire afternoon. I hadn't eaten all day so my other sister (Mich) and I left to eat at Johnny Carino's, ignored the look on the waitress' face when she asked if it would just be the two of us having the pitcher of Bellinis' and agreed to have water with it! We went back to the hospital and hung out until they kicked us out because visiting hours were over. With nothing else to do we went, bought drinks, put on our "hooch" wear and headed out to the bar! I had a great time! I ran into people I used to know, as well as people I used to "know". Mich of course almost had to throw down because of mistaken identity.....okay here's the story, she has a friend "Toni" who people say looks exactly like her (I don't agree but then again she is my sister, but I digress) anyway, "Toni" is seeing a guy who is allegedly still married, but "in the process" of getting a divorce, but it's already been a whole year! ANyway his ex, er, I mean his current wife, whatever you want to call it, is an ex college bball player so of course she's pretty tall and pretty bad looking, I call her the amazon woman with a bad egyptian costume, you get the visual? Anyway she stopped right in front of us and was pointing my sister Mich out to her friend who was not being discreet at ALL, so my sister said, "Hi, I'm Michelle, since I know you guys are talking about me" and the girl proceeded to say "Oh your not Toni" anyway there were words and long looks exchanged and we had to take a drink after that and continued on with our night! Of course we found an after party, hung out there until the guys got weird on us, headed home and passed the fuck out!

The next morning I dragged my ass up and went to visit my sister, while Mich was still passed out, spent the entire day at the hospital once again until they kicked us out. With all our time at the hospital we decided we needed to cancel our party since our other sister was still sick. So we just hung out at the house. Sunday came too fast, I wanted to stay another week, but I boarded my plane and here I am back at work!

This week has been hard for me to do any work! It's like since there's a holiday just around the corner I just want to do nothing, even though I have a ton of work that needs to get done, but here I am blogging away! Is anyone else having this problem this week?


Blogger Lindsey said...

I did absolutely nothing all day. Didn't feel like working so I pittered around until it was time to go home.

Wed Nov 23, 05:07:00 PM  

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