Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Pictures to come...

Well my weekend went great, I know it's a Tuesday, not a Monday, but I was too busy at work yesterday to post. Like I mentioned earlier, we had tickets to see Dave Chappelle on Saturday and that was a GREAT show, I even indulged in the moment and had henney and diet coke (it was GOOD and brought back a lot of memories!!) after the show we procedded to the riverwalk to have a few drinks which, with the deals we were getting, turned into a lot more than I thought we'd have. After leaving downtown we went to a few other places, played a round of pool, and danced a few songs at some other place. The last place we went was GHETTO, here's how ghettto it was, guys already with a neck full of hickies were trying to pick up new women and these woman were taking the bait! *sigh*

Sunday was also another great day, I woke up hangover free, Yea! And got my Christmas gift a bit early, I got a digital camera, so all day Sunday we looked around and finally bought one that I've yet to stop using! I take that thing everywhere with me!! It's great and now my blog will have pictures on it!!


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