Friday, January 27, 2006

Another Fallen Soldier

A family friend's son just passed away last Friday while he was on his 2nd tour of duty in Iraq. What makes this ordeal even worse, was he only had 3 more weeks on his tour left before he was to return home. Sadly before that time, he was killed when his Humvee hit a roadside explosive. His name was Clifton Yazzie, he was only 23 years old.

His parents lived less than a mile from my Dad's home and his mother and father, we're softball and basketball coaches to us when we were younger. We have known them forever it seems like. When my mom was battling cancer herself and they had told her she wasn't responding to treatment anymore, my younger sister's softball team just happened to win the softball tourney they were in. The coaches decided to dedicate the tourney to my mom and in turn gave her the trophy they won. That meant so much to us as a family. So I feel for them in their time of loss. So let's all take time to honor our fallen soldier who died fighting for his country.


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