Friday, February 17, 2006

The Joys Of Moving to Texas...

I didn't realize how much crap you have to do when you move to a different state. Yeah okay, so technically I did move to Texas back in September of 2005, but my New Mexico driver's license doesn't expire until sometime in April 2006, so I figured I had until then to get my car registered, get a new driver's license, etc. Anyway I'm starting to get the ball in motion to get all of this stuff done and it's looking like I'm going to have to take a whole day off from work to get this all done.

First of all, in Texas your car needs to pass an "inspection" (something that's not done in NM) so I have to go to a state approved place and pay to get my car inspected, but before that I have to get a side mirror on my car replaced, because I um sort of hit something and now my mirror has fallen off! Yeah I know my bad, but anyway I'm getting my mirror replaced today after work. Okay, after my car gets inspected I have to take all my paperwork to the DPS office and get my car registered in TX, but in order to do that I have to get car insurance in Texas, I do currently have car insurance, but it's "State of New Mexico" insurance, even though I have a company that's nationwide providing me insurance I have to get completely new insurance here in TX and the rates are higher here in TX, I mean significantly higher! So there goes even more money!!! So after I show proof of insurance I can finally pay even more money to get a TX title and TX plates for my beloved car, once all that's done, yes there is more, I can go to another office and get a TX driver's license! It takes all that to become an official Texan!! No wonder there is no state tax here in Texas, they take all your money when you first move into the state! Oh well, when it's all said and done I can officially say "Don't mess with Texas!" :)

As far as the mirror goes, I almost shelled out even more money than needed. Here's the story. I took my car to a Paint and Body store that had several locations around town, so yeah it was a chain and they quoted me almost $200 to fix that thing, I politely declined because it is just a mirror it can't be that hard to replace, so after calling around to smaller, independent shops, I found a place that's going to fix that thing for only $50!! Yeah it may be in the ghetto, but I'm sure they'll get the job done! Just in case, I'm taking cash, you never know it may be a "cash only" type of place! So that's where I'll be heading after work.......

On a totally different note, I'm loving my new shoes, I think I made the right choice this time around. I ran in them last night and got in 7 miles pain free! They are great!


Blogger Will Shady said...

You know after you become a Texan I can't speak to you no more or even read your blogs. :) Just kidding. I need to get me a license plate too and change everything on the truck I bought to my name. NMSU license plate here I come. Might as well show some spirit as a grad student.

Fri Feb 17, 08:01:00 AM  

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